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Introduction to HnBees

When we were developing and constructing our HnBees Social network, we looked for a name that was educational and social-minded. We came up with the idea of drawing our inspiration from Bees, since Bees participate in their community and in all the tasks. Each tiny member of the great family of the Hive is fully involved in implementing all the solutions needed for the community to thrive. HnBees is literally ‘Hive and Bees’. HnBees is therefore a social site. Your registration is free and is an opportunity for you to contact your friends and family, to invite them to join you on HnBees, to help you, to drop your souvenir photos on HnBees, to remind you of birthdays, to chat amongst you, to consult the telephone directories of private individuals and commercial companies.

We invite you to chat for free on our website and on our application Beessenger available on Play Store and also to place your photos, and also your videos.

If you wish, you can also place your ads.

See our application '' Worldwide free housing exchange '' for your exchanges of vacation homes around the world

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